The Island Sweet Skunk from Next Generation is a classic. Much more pungent and thick smoking than your average Skunk, and a lot better producing too.


Perfect for sea of green growers. Don't grow it with too many main tops indoors, likes to grow as a single cola but will branch a lot if topped.



With a long lineage of stinky and well-performing cannabis, Critical Magic from Next Generation is a very aromatic and tasty plant. This strain is quite branchy, with plenty of clone sites if you want them.


Critical Magic is easy to grow and rewards caring cultivators with dense, round buds that boast abundant trichome development. Critical Magic is a smooth and tasty smoke that maintains its sweet flavors right to the end. There is an interesting entourage effect that occurs with 17–20% THC and 0.8% CBD.


This mostly indica plant adapts with vigor to indoor and outdoor grows. Under lights, it finishes bloom in 50–55 days, while under the sun, it is ready for harvest by the end of September.



Chemdog and Strawberry Sour Diesel were crossed by Dark Horse Genetics to produce the delicious Chem Berry D. Consumers can expect a fruity aroma accompanied by the gassy Chemdog flavor, making for a well-rounded taste.


This high potency strain may leave you feeling euphoric, creative, and silly for hours on end.